Graphic Design Chapter

a) Introduction

This is a member-based chapter of Graphic design professionals. The Chapter covers the following paraprofessionals; Advertising, Illustrators, Art Directors, Print Media, Graphic Designers, Photographers and Visual Communicators

The task of graphic design is to open interpretation and control meaning as much as possible. Its ultimate goal is to communication.

b) Obligations of a chapter member

It is each chapter member’s responsibility to conduct his or her professional practice in accordance with the following as part of the Code of Ethics.
  • A member shall at all times act in a way that supports the aims of the Association and shall exercise honesty and integrity, as well as a reasonable standard of design and professionalism
  • A member shall not contravene any provision of the Charter, it’s the Constitution, or any of the By-laws of the Association of Designers of Kenya.
  • A member shall not misrepresent the qualification or capabilities of another member, nor of an officer, director, partner or employee of a member.
  • A member shall not authorize, permit, counsel, assist, aid, abet or acquiesce in any act that constitutes a disregard for our Code of Ethics.
  • A member has a duty to serve as an expert witness, where qualified and when properly retained, in a judicial, arbitration or other legal proceeding, upon being requested to do so.
  • A member shall not authorize, permit, counsel, aid, abet or acquiesce in any contravention of the Chapter, the Constitution or any of the By-laws of the Association by any person.
  • A member shall not disclose confidential information to any third party, unless and except where otherwise compelled by law to do so, received as a director, officer, committee member or as a representative of the Association.
  • Structure and Governance

The chapter has established systems of administration and governance guided by the constitution of the association as below attached

c) Scope of Practice

d) Qualifications to join the chapter

Applicants shall possess a relevant qualifications showing that they have met the association’s education and experience requirements.
The membership certificate for this chapter shall expire (12) twelve months after date of issue.

e) CPD Requirement for Membership Renewal

An applicant for renewal under this chapter shall submit proof of having completed requisite credit points in approved CPD programs during the term of the membership.

f) Chapter Partners

Our Partners

Kenya Green Building Society
State Department  for Public Works
Nasimi  Interiors Limited
International Property Awards
Young Designers Forum