Green Interiors Programme

The program is an initiative aimed at complementing Kenya’s construction industry efforts towards developing more environment-friendly buildings and establishing interior designers’ power in the realization of low-carbon, sustainable development in Kenya.

Specifically, the purpose of this programme is to:

*Develop strategies of mainstreaming the green building agenda into the practice of registered members of this association.

*Establish available green interior design building products available in the Kenyan market and their contribution to achieving credits in major green building standards.

*Advice the association on green rating for integrated habitat assessment.

* Advice on how institutions of higher education in Kenya can incorporate sustainable design into their curriculum to prepare tomorrow’s professionals.

*Mainstream climate change responses into development planning, decision-making, and implementation within the association.

*Establish and operate the Green Label Project to be used on products that meet the eco-standards specified by the Programme.

*Undertake capacity building & development, be involved in policy reviews, analysis and development, and establish stakeholder mapping, consultation, and engagement framework for the benefit of the association members.