About Us

The Association of Designers of Kenya is a registered professional body under provisions of the Societies Act, Chapter 108 of the Laws of Kenya to advance professional practice and promote standards of Interior Design and Graphic Design professions in Kenya.

The Association has two chapters namely Interior Design and Interior Design.

It has registered members, firm members and operates Academic and Mentorship Programme where students are enrolled. The Association  brings together professionals from the Public Sector, Private Sector Academia among other sectors.


  • Develop and promote standards of professional competence and practice amongst members.

  • Establish programmes that promotes and foster better ties between Designers and the other Professionals.

  • Guidance to Association members with regard to economic, consumer, and ecological affairs.

  • Establish and manage a Continuous Professional Development programme for its members through collaborations

  • Working with educational Institutions for furtherance of training in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Product Design and practice to promote Academic Mentorship Programme.

  • Commit to promote, encourage and improve the application of Graphic Design, Interior Design and Product Design to technical and other related practices.

  • Represent the diverse interests of Graphic Designers, Interior Designers and Product Designers in Kenya.

  • Promotion of sound and lawful business practices and usages pertaining to Graphic Design, Interior Design and Product Design practices in the interests of the Profession and the public

  • Promote the international recognition of the Association

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